Glamour Gels® was born when a businesswomen hosted a night of pampering for her teenage daughter. She wore gel for the first time and she was hooked. She partnered with an award-winning manufacture to develop a gel that was more durable than anything on the market. The women opened an exclusive Glamour Gels salon to apply the one-of-a-kind, durable product. Clients loved that Glamour Gels didn’t lift or chip like other gels and their nails grew naturally without any fuss. After millions of gorgeous nail sets at the salon, Glamour Gels is now available for nail artists to provide the same durability, shine and glamour to all of their clients.  

Why Glamour Gels

Glamour Gels is unlike any other gel on the market because it offers your clients stunning nails without any of the hassle, upkeep, and regular maintenance of a traditional polish or gel. No more chips, breaks, or lifts…and that means less repairs! Plus, your clients will be able to grow out their nails naturally and singing your praises as a nail wizard! This luxurious gel offers the durability and protection of acrylic nails without the damaging side effects. With hundreds of color combinations, each color is beautifully pigmented and designed to last. Try one color, a starter kit or the complete line today!

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